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(v1.4.6m, 35MB, Windows XP/Vista/7)

Current Highscores

Known issues:
  • Achievement registration can fail due to unknown circumstances (rare)
  • Dying while attached to the un-detached Core can mess things up
  • Flickering seams where walls meet on some machines

Change log:

2013-Jan-01 v1.4.6m (dl)
  • Major blunder: game crashes after loadscreen!

2012-Dec-20 v1.4.5m (dl)
  • Fixed bug where you could play while in menu
  • Inverted default angle when attaching to TopNut
  • Made open bridge on wooden platform in MainHall to alleviate entrapment

2012-Dec-10 v1.4.4m (dl)
  • More message orbs
  • Fixed some minor bugs

2012-Dec-06 v1.4.3m (dl)
  • Graphical overhaul
  • New sound effects
  • New room numbering
  • Optimized some speed-run tricks
  • Bigger propeller room
  • New giant orb room
  • Seperate orb-switch to open route while escaping with core
  • Improved orb-switch behavior

2012-Nov-05 v1.2.7m (dl)
  • Fixed some bugs in east alley
  • Some slight improvements after taking Propeller
  • Fixed some visual bugs
  • Fixed bad camera after redesign of ELGun elevator

2012-Nov-02 v1.2.5m (dl)
  • Improved graphics in Cargo Tunnel
  • Fixed a collision bug

2012-Oct-31 v1.2.4m (dl)
  • Seperate switch to open basement gate from reactor room
  • Fixed some minor bugs in license lock prompt
  • Redesigned elevator next to ELGun with more room for core
  • Jumping the gates from Cargo Tunnel Elevator made more difficult
  • Getting stuck behind the big gate to the bridge without wheels alleviated
  • New turn module hint

2012-Oct-26 v1.2 (dl)
  • New turnips
  • Lots of new music
  • Keys can be permanently re-configured
  • Fixed: Gyro can explode
  • Fixed some more collision bugs
  • Lots of minor tweaks

2012-Sep-14 v1.0.17 (dl)
  • Fixed: Modules can vanish if you "restart from last savepoint" after picking.
  • Fixed: Turnip switches don't return to default pos
  • Fixed: Turnip switches "explode" easily
  • Fixed: The spring sinks slowly until first use
  • Fixed: Strange jump if entering a savepoint while in build mode.
  • Fixed: Script error when re-attaching to a latched orb
  • Fixed: Turnip charts in core room are imprecise
  • Fixed: Keys don't work in menus after completing the game
  • Fixed some more collision bugs
  • Slight improvements on balance route to Flexer
  • Stiffened flexer module when in center pos
  • Alleviated: Spring module explodes when attached while on thin floor
  • Enhanced intro view of Mobiloid building seen through the snow

2012-Sep-02 v1.0.16 (dl)
  • License lock lost its "click here" box

2012-Sep-02 v1.0.15 (dl)
  • Fixed some collision bugs (gave bumps or even crashes when touching a bad spot)
  • Fixed game crash when Spring module was attached to Battery alone
  • Added extra game ending screen
  • Adjustments to completion % calculations

2012-Aug-30 v1.0.14 (dl)
  • Fixed wrong achievement award
  • Fixed achievement didn't scroll in highscore table
  • More precise completion % in part 3
  • Investigated previous Vista error, resolved

2012-Aug-28 v1.0.13 (dl)
  • Fixed a weird script error on Vista (need to test some more)
  • Fixed collision bug close to revolving door

2012-Aug-21 v1.0.12 (dl)
  • Oops, score was uploaded as 0 on exit

2012-Aug-21 v1.0.11
  • Unlocking will now always set user name

2012-Aug-21 v1.0.10
  • Fixed bug on exit (game screen was visible)

2012-Aug-20 v1.0.9
  • Ugly collision bug in elevator shaft

2012-Aug-08 v1.0.7
  • New intro
  • Shaders stopped working after "Lost Device"
  • "Turn" hint before revolving door
  • Some interface was visible during game quit
  • Some collision glitches

2012-Jun-21 v1.0.5
  • Use Copy/Paste for entering license key

2012-Jun-20 v1.0.4
  • Collision bug in Turnip

2012-Jun-19 v1.0.3
  • Collision bug after first narrow passage

2012-Jun-14 v1.0.2
  • Version number on title screen
  • Proxy server support

2012-Jun-07 v1.0
  • Online